ViZion Protocol
IDO Launches in:

Current Price: $0.04
Total Amount of Raised Funds: $125,000
Total $0.04
0 $125,000

Our VIZion

ViZion Protocol is the first true decentralized cryptocurrency specifically built for the Film & Entertainment industry. ViZion aims to be the global leader of visual content creation, distribution and creating unforgettable crypto experiences thru blockchain technology and the metaverse. Our White paper introduces and outlines the key features and benefits of the ViZion cryptocurrency.

Our vision is to provide unlimited support for content creators by bringing together Producers, Directors, Writers, Actors, Musicians, Photographers, and all artists in order to help finance, fund, and distribute their work to an amazing and supportive crypto audience via our user-friendly ViZion platform. ViZion will create an ecosystem that supports the value of our token, provides unparalleled utility and security to its holders.


ViZion Protocol NFT Value (AirDrop): .04

6,000,000 tokens will be Airdropped for our NFT Launch:

1st NFT Launch “Bitch Ass”


*Private Sale *IDO = $.03). *Early token holders will receive max $25,000 Investment

*Value = $.03/Token


*NFT Launch *Airdropped Monthly (Value = $.04)

*Value = $.04/Token


*Official Launch *Only 40% of Total Coins in Circulation

*40,000,000 out of 100,000,000

Official Launch

*June 30th Release *Token Launch Price ($.05)

*Marketcap = $2,250,000

*Private Sale *Value = $.03). *Early token holders will be held to a $25,000 max investment

*1 ViZion Token = $.03

*NFT Launch *Airdropped Monthly (Value = $.04) *Each Bitch Ass NFT will receive airdrops

*1 ViZion Token = $.04

*Official Launch *Only 40% of Total Coins in Circulation

*40,000,000 out of 100,000,000

*June 30th, 2022 Release *Token Launch Price ($.05)

*Marketcap = $2,250,000

Features of ViZion Protocol

ViZion Protocol includes our revolutionary smart contracts, an iconic NFT Marketplace that includes the Music, Film, Art and Entertainment Digital Assets, a massive DeFi platform and a first of a kind cryptocurrency that will create unforgettable crypto VIP experiences that can be used for payment for events, hotels, trips, music festivals, and more thru our exclusive partnerships.

ViZion is a new cryptocurrency that positively rewards it’s holders for their sustainable actions on our platform. Our main priority is to partner with creators, independent and major film studios, music labels + artists, distribution companies, and several other potential relationships within the entertainment industry to use blockchain technology and our platform to help market, promote ViZion content and experiences worldwide.

Supported by Our Global Partners

ViZion Protocol Roadmap

This timeline details our funding and development goals.

  • Q3 2022

    • White Paper Released
    • Website Released (BETA)
    • Build Social Media/ Marketing
    • Seed Round
    • ViZion Exclusive Partnerships Announced
    • Private Sale
    • Campaign
    • Official ViZion Token Launch
    • NFT Marketplace Launched
    • 5,000+ Social Media Followers
    • Announced (Yachts, Planes, Cars, Hotels, etc.)
    • ViZion MetaVerse Portal by Solana (Announcement)
    • BITCHASS World Premiere at South by SouthWest (Announcement)

  • Q4 2022

    • Security Audit
    • Coin Market Cap/ CoinGecko Listing 48-72 Hours After Launch
    • DxSale or IPAD Launch (DAO)
    • ViZion Exclusive Partnerships + New Clients (Announcement)
    • Influencer Marketing + Education Video Created
    • 5,000+ Holders of ViZion Token
    • 10,000+ Social Media Followers
    • ViZion VIP Experience Giveaways

  • Q1 2023

    • Major Exchange Listings (FTX KuCoin, etc)
    • Smart Contracts Released
    • Farming/ Staking Contracts Released
    • Investor Launch Pad Released
    • ViZion Partnerships + New Projects Announced
    • 25,000+ Social Media Followers
    • Exclusive Partnerships Announced
    • White Paper 2.0 Released
    • 20,000+ Holders of ViZion Token

  • Q2 2023

    • New Website Launched (OFFICAL RELEASE)
    • Exchange Listing Announced
    • 10,000+ Holders of ViZion Token
    • 20,000+ Social Media Followers
    • ViZion VIP Experience Giveaways

  • Q2 2023

    • ViZion App Launched
    • ViZion Exchange Launched
    • Limited Edition NFT Collectible with Major Music Labels + Many Major Artists – Releasing Albums/ Songs/ Beats (Major Announcement)
    • Limited Edition NFT Movies from Major Studios (Major Announcement)
    • 35,000+ Social Media Followers
    • 25,000+ ViZion Token Holders
    • ViZion Music Festival (Featuring Artists + Special Quests on ViZion Platform)

  • Q2 2023

    • Several ViZion Projects goes into Production
    • Streaming Service (BETA) Launch
    • TV Series goes into Production
    • Major Exchange Listing Announcement
    • Distribution + Production Studio Acquisition
    • 1st Movie Launched in 2000+ Theaters (BITCHASS)

ViZion Team

Let us introduce you to the team that
will make it all happen.

Garrett Cagni

Head of Music + Entertainment / Advisor

Casey Pitchford

Head of Music + Entertainment / Advisor

Chris Craze

Head Developer / Head of Metaverse

Jennifer Lipsey

Queen of Metaverse / Advisor / Investor

Charles Karsten

Head of Investor Relations / Advisor

Alexandra Ristevski

Executive Assistant (CEO) / Head of Social Media

Nick Betancourt

Head of Public Relations

Erica Carey

Advisor / Investor

Kinnie Wilson

Head of Finances

James Keith

Co-Founder / Advisor / Investor

Shane Brown

CEO / Founder

Bill Posley

Co- Founder / Head of Production

Tunde Laleye

Co- Founder / Head of Business Development

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